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It is basic human nature not to fully appreciate things ... until they are gone. Take away any of the modern conveniences we enjoy - cars, telephones, computers and the other gadgetry that surrounds us - and we quickly slide into a panic. But some of our neighbors in Marion County are faced with more than the lack of convenience; for some, filling even the basic human need for suitable housing is a challenge. If experiencing a computer crash brings on deep anxiety, imagine what it would be like if we suddenly found ourselves without a decent place to live ...

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The Marion County Housing Authority

Since its inception in 1948, the Marion County Housing Authority has served Marion County by providing decent, safe housing to low-income families. 

Meeting The Need

From the original single-family homes constructed for returning veterans of World War II, to construction of a total of sixteen Public Housing projects consisting of duplexes and complexes, to participation in the Housing Voucher and Housing Choice Voucher Programs, the Marion County Housing Authority has worked to fill the housing needs of area citizens.

Fair Housing For All

Construction of the first Public Housing project was accomplished during the early sixties. Upon completion, it was the first in the area to offer housing regardless of race, color, religion or national origin. The housing needs of Senior Citizens were addressed in the mid sixties. Currently, MCHA serves a broad cross-section of the local population.

Boosting The Local Economy

The financial impact the Marion County Housing Authority has on the county as a whole is staggering. Between the rents collected from dwelling units, the operating subsidy, the Housing Voucher Annual Assistance and the Comprehensive Grant funding received from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Housing Authority brings over $3 million dollars into the local economy.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Marion County Housing Authority always has been and always will be to continue to serve the elderly, disabled, low income and very low income families of Marion County by providing decent, safe and affordable housing.